Cubicle Tracks

All our tracks are made using “Monotrack” bedscreen track and fittings. The track is ideal for; hospitals, nursing homes, doctors surgeries and any room requiring a privacy curtain.

Made from extruded aluminum, the track is extremely strong and durable and has the following features:

  • Able to be custom made for any situation in either a straight length or any bend up to 90 degrees.
  • Can span up to 2.5m straight without a ceiling support.
  • Can be ceiling mounted or suspended from ceiling.
  • Unique design of the track allows for ceiling supports to be installed without interfering with the running rail.
  • Nylon wheeled track runners to carry curtain smoothly along the track.
  • Please see our Product Information Booklet for more information.

Available in either anodised or white powdercoat finish, the track will provide you with a cost effective and unobtrusive means to provide privacy to any area.

The dimensions of the bedscreen track are 36mm in height and 20mm in width.

D9100 Cubicle Track
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